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My Modifications

Original Equipment Extras

When I ordered the bike I opted for heated grips (wonderful), ABS (I like it), white indicator lenses (eye candy), engine bars and chrome exhaust.

The engine bars have been worthwhile and the matt steel finish is not damaged by low speed drops. I note some of the after market ones are painted so may not be so damage resistant. I was not bothered about the chrome exhaust and did not order or pay for it but the bike came with it anyway. Glad I have it now as although it blues easily it looks better than dirty, discoloured steel.

I did not like the little plastic head protectors but a dealer who was closing offered me the aluminium GSA type at a good price (far too expensive normally). I think they look better than the plastic or Touratech options and they have saved the cyclinder head from damage when the bike was knocked over on to my wife's CS in the garage.


Originally I had the bike fitted with BMW Vario luggage but found it was not the best solution for a variety of reasons. Read more.


The bike's lights aren't that bad compared with many I have had. Anyone who has driven a 60s bike with tungsten headlights will know what I mean. Could be better though. Read more.


The original screen is not bad but could never see the point of the adjustment. Wherever I set it made no difference. Then I saw the Adventure and thought "that is the screen it should have had". Read more.

Satellite Navigation

Every news report seems to have another story of a truck stuck in a lane or under a low bridge - and it's the satnav's fault! They seem to have taken over from computers as the catch all excuse when something goes wrong. "Sorry you haven't been paid, it's a computer error". No it's not, its the guy/girl operating the keyboard. I have heard people describe themselves as "anti-satnav". Why? It's just a tool and if you don't want one nobody is forcing you. I love them but they are not all born equal. Read More.


Hard wired, bluetooth, radio. There are lots of options - or you could just shout. Read more.

Eye Candy

The bits I have bolted on but can't find a good reason. Read More.


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There is always a good reason for a modification, even if I have to invent one
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